The Masks We Wear

Research Series

Combining contextual, practical, and exploratory research methods, ‘the masks we wear’ is a collection of design outcomes exploring masks as a symbol of the changeable and performative nature of human identities. The final video, ‘Who’ expresses the findings of this research, in an experimental, yet digestible manner.

A series of publications contextualising the link between masks, performance and identity.

A series of collages experimenting with the physicality of a mask.

Visualised results of a survey, associating identity traits with images.

An A3 poster displaying each image with the top three words associated with it.

Miniture collages showing the number of times an image has been associated with each word.

A miniture publication showing words that participants associate with their own identity.

A visualization of the unfixed nature of identity, and how we are constantly engaged in a performance between the self as an actor, and society as an audience.