Sex & Gender on Screen

 Visual Essay

A visual essay using found footage, which explores the ways in which mainstream media influences the overall flow of mainstream culture, particularly in regards to human sexuality, and gender expression.

Featured Footage

Judith Butler: Your Behavior Creates Your Gender | Big Think

Health E: Sex Education (1995)

As Boys Grow... (1957)

Toy Gun Commercial Mattel #2 - M16

1980's Bodybuilders

"Molly Grows Up" 1953 - Sex Ed Film for Girls

Toy Commercials From The 1970's Part 3 - Vintage Advertisement

How to be a Housewife {Restored by Christian Blatter}

Crystal LaBeija's epic read from The Queen (1968)


Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell 1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes scene 2

Diet Coke Window Washer

Lovers of Their Time (1982)

Classic Kisses - Part 2

Sebastiane (1976) – Derek Jarman

Classic Coronation Street - 28/11/79 (Brian & Gail Tilsley Wedding)

80s Weddings

A Fine Romance 1981 S04E03 Mike's New Girlfriend

Liberated Females & JESSE PETERSON

How Much Affection? (1957)

Sex Education and Contraception, 1970s - Film 1016829
Natural childbirth workshop 1960s


Nuns Get New Look (1965)

Mitch and Cam Get Married - Modern Family


santa's Workshop (1932 / 2006)

Arca - Electra Rex

Bride escapes wedding and jumps into a car

1960s Auto Worker Hated His Job & Felt Like A Robot. Doesn't See Automation Coming

Reel 20 - Mr. Venice Beach Bodybuilding Competition early 1970s.

Roll On Four O'Clock (1970 Drama)

Good Wife's Guide Training Video