Familiar Performance

 Publication Series

Taking inspiration from Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgy, as well as my own field studies and design projects on culture; this series of publications examines identity through the lens of performance. Interviews with my immediate family reveal unique performances, through themes such as motherhood, work, travel, and imagination. Even reading becomes a performance, with the series split into acts, and bookmarks serving as intermissions.

Familiar Performance - Covers and Bookmarks
Book covers and bookmarks

Act One: Motherhood - An interview with my mother, along side family photos

Act two: To Build a Home - An interview with my father, along side images of his work van and tools

Act Two - To Build a Home

Act Three: Wanderlust - An interview with my older sister, along side images from her travels

Act Three - Wanderlust

Act Three: Her Magic Kingdom - An interview with my younger sister, along side images of her disney collection