I am a UK based graphic designer with a strong interest in creative play, research, and learning through making.

My multidisciplinary practise is unified by a strong conceptual focus, and consistent attention to detail. However, my process usually begins with playful, messy, sketchbook pages, like the ones pictured below.

During my time at Liverpool School of Art & Design, I utilised my interest in research by supporting staff at LJMU’s Teaching and Learning Academy, in investigating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on staff and student wellbeing. I also collaborated with other students on an end of year publication for the graphic design & Illustration course. Upon graduating in 2022, I received a first-class degree with honours, as well as the Directors Award for Excellence in Graphic Design.
Going forward, I would love to further develop my design skills in an environment where I can network with other creatives, whilst continuing to strive for the best possible outcomes for each project. For more information, collaborations, or even just to chat about design, feel free to contact me through any of the links below.